Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Barn Interior

Finally got around this weekend to organizing the interior of the barn. Took a few photos to share the "finished product". It may look small in the pictures, but it is actually quite roomy.

South-East Corner

The south-east corner is used to store our livestock. Currently we only have two hogs, but there is lots of room for at least 6 more!

South-West Corner

In the south-west corner, we have shelving set up for storage of a variety of items that don't fit somewhere else.

North-West Corner

The north-west corner contains our workbench, currently with drill-press, dedicated mortising station, and router station. The bench is a 8 feet long. Below the bench is a pull-out work table on casters which we actually use the workworking accessories on.

North-East Corner

The north-east corner contains another workbench which is 13 feet long, a table saw, and various other wordworking accessories.