Friday, October 5, 2007


I hate blogging. I honestly feel people who blog have an overinflated opinion of their self-worth, sort of like those people who walk around with a "Lt. Uhura" earpience surgically attached to their head. After all, who really cares what random, anonymous people on the internet have to say (or write)?

On May 31st I bought my 3rd home -- a 300 year old farmhouse. Ok, technically it isn't 300 years old. That's just what the realtor said, and what do realtors know? Realtors are slightly higher than lawyers and used-car salesmen on the scum scale.

The reality is we really don't know exactly how old it is. We can guess at the exact age, and some research into the title history of the property has yielded some clues. Additionally, the home has been visited by several 'experts' on colonial homes and the have given rough approximations as to the date of the home.

The approximate build date? 1740, according to Fred Morth, a town resident who is the local 'expert' on antique homes. This seems to coorespond (thusfar) with some of our own research.

In 1738, the property was purchased by an Abiah Luther from Samuel Peck. Abiah Luther went on to have several children before moving, ironically enough, to Glocester, RI, which is the town I moved to Rehoboth, MA from.

Perhaps I am one of Abiah's children reincarnated, and the home called to me. If you believe in that sort of stuff.

Since we're not likely to spend several thousand dollars on a dendrochronology study, we'll simply accept the 1738 date as an approximate "build date" until I can spend some additional time at the Blanding Library to research the property further. When that happens, you all will be the first to know.

However, I digress.

Why have I started a blog when I despise people who blog?

The reality is I have numerous restoration projects ongoing on This Old Farmhouse, and numerous friends and family members have asked me for pictures, updates, etc. Koren's mom in Florida, my friend Joe who is in East Providence nursing a broken ankle he received when the ghost of Captain Macomber pushed him off the ladder, and so on.

I do not have the time, nor inclination, to repeat my ramblings over and over again each time someone asks me for an update. So, I have created this blog.

These blog entries will be somewhat unlike other blogs, though. Certain projects I will post as a single entry, going back to edit it over time as the project progresses, while others I will post as a single entry (such as the Barn Project). Yet others will follow the traditional blog with periodic updates.

Over the next several months, perhaps years, I will post updates on my restoration projects. I'll provide an update on my research into the home's past, and hopefully, this way, every time a friend or family member asks me how this-or-that project is coming along, I can just tell them... visit the blog!